Vol.  5.20, 18 June 2013


*     Bhavan is pleased to inform that the Governor General of Australia has conferred on its President Gambhir Watts the ‘Order of Australia Medal’ for his services to multicultural relations in New South Wales 

Shri Homi N Dastur, Director General and Executive Secretary has conveyed his delight in “your being awarded with the Order of Australia Medal”.  And Shri P N Santhanagopal, Joint Director says “All of us here in Central Bhavan are also equally delighted by this very deserving distinction that has been conferred upon you”.

Premier of New South Wales, Hon. Barry O'Farrell has conveyed his personal message:
















*     Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan supports National Multicultural Marketing Awards Launch for 2013

Text Box: National Multicultural Marketing Awards

The Minister for Citizenship and Communities Hon Victor Dominello has launched the National Multicultural Marketing Awards 2013. The awards, conducted by the Community Relations Commission of NSW, recognise the achievements of government agencies, business enterprises and community groups in implementing strategies targeting the culturally diverse community.  the awards celebrate the accomplishments of businesses and community organisations that have been successfully implemented marketing initiatives that engage our multicultural population. The National Multicultural Marketing Awards acknowledges the contribution of  national businesses, public sector and community organisations.

“These awards are a great institution in multicultural NSW where we understand the great economic resource we have in cultural diversity,” Victor Dominello said.

Contact for More Info: Warren Duncan, Community Relations Commission, Level 8, 175 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000, Ph: (02) 8255 6767;Email: Warren.Duncan@crc.nsw.gov.auWebsite: http://www.crc.nsw.gov.au/home,http://www.crc.nsw.gov.au/Awards__and__Sponsorships/nmma OR Click here


Text Box: Creative Young Stars Program


*     Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan supports ‘Creative Young Stars Program’—Introduction of  new grants by Federal Government to help Young People (Under 25) develop their Creative Talents

Australian Federal Government has introduced new grants to help young people (under 25) develop their creative talents. The Program will assist school students, and where appropriate their families, and post-school young people (25 years and under) requiring financial assistance to participate in activities, events or training in the following categories: creative and performing arts, cultural activities, academic endeavour, and school and community achievement. The Amount is: $500 for individuals and $3,000 for groups (of six or more).

Closing Date: 21 June 2013

Contact for More Info: Hon Julie Owens, Federal Member for Parramatta, 1/25 Smith St (enter off Macquarie Street), Parramatta, NSW 2150; Ph: (02) 9689 1455;

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/julie.owens.mp; Email:  julie.owens.mp@aph.gov.au;creativeyoungstars@deewr.gov.au  Website: http://www.julieowens.com.au/, http://www.youth.gov.au/sites/youth/news/pages/creative-young-stars

*     Essay Competition 2013 Open

Topics; on Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi Today Essay topics:

1. Social Responsibility OR, 2. World Peace OR, 3. Environment OR 4. Non Violence in Action. 

       For More Info Contact: pr@bhavanaustralia.org or Click:  www.bhavanaustralia.org/

bullet 1 
Yoga Tips:


(Water Snuffing)

According to yoga anatomy and physiology there are seventy two thousand nerves in the human body of which only three are most important. They are One ida, two pingla and third susumna. Ida is left nostril, pingla is, right nostril and suaunna is the spinal cord. When there is some physical trouble it just means there is something wrong with these important nerves. When the nerves are cleaned and purified then there will not be any trouble. Hence the yogis recommended various systems to clean the right and left nostril and the spinal cord so that they can be in absolutely perfect condition.

By water snuffing, deep breathing and passing the probe the nasal passages can be cleaned. By pranayana and mudra the spinal cord is cleaned and made flexible.

The system of water snuffing is a difficult thing. The yogis used to enter a pond or walk into the river. When they reached the water coming to the nose they closed one nostril with finger, sucked in the water and let it off through the mouth. But if you suck the water in it will go up causing giddiness. Tap water is not to be used because there is every possibility of infection. So far simplicity and effectiveness, good, warm, and saline water should be used.

    1.          Take some water and add a little salt to it.

    2.          Boil the water.

    3.          Let it become lukewarm.

    4.          Filter it with clean cloth.

    5.          Wash your hands with water, after washing avoid touching anything.

    6.          Hold the warm saline water in the palm.

    7.          Fill the water in the palm to the brim.

    8.          Hold it to the nostril; close the other nostril with finger and suck the water in.

    9.          Manipulate and throw out all water through the mouth.

 10.          Blow the nostril clean after this.

 11.          Repeat by the other nostril in the same way.

 12.          This should not be repeated more than twice, in the morning only.

 13.          Do it on alternate days.

 14.          When you start doing kapalabhatti, this is not necessary. It may be done occasionally.


    1.          Cleanses and disinfects nasal passage.

    2.          Respiration becomes very easy.

    3.          Removes cold, cough and to some extent improves eyesight.

    4.          Cools the brain and calms the nervous system.

This simple process of jalaneti can be practised by anyone. But do not try without boiling the water and without salt to it. It has been found people with constant cold and influenza in winter benefited from this. But this should be done only in the morning and not in the evening, because water is likely to remain in the sinuses and cause cold.


Reference:  Yoga for Students by Yogacharya Hansraj Yadav, Bhavan’s Book University




bullet 1 Mahatma Gandhi Says:

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.



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