Vol. 5.21, 25 June 2013



*     Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan supports “Be inspired with Indian cooking, books and films” Events at Australian National Maritime Museum’s ‘East of India – Forgotten trade with Australia’ Exhibition


Text Box: Kumar and Suba Mahadean
‘Be inspired with Indian cooking, books and films’ at Australian National Maritime Museum


Contact for Bookings and More Info: Jude Timms, Acting Manager, Communication and Public Affairs, Australian National Maritime Museum, 2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour  Sydney; Ph: (02) 9298 36450418 219 841, 02 9298 3777; Email: jtimms@anmm.gov.au,bookings@anmm.gov.au; Website: www.anmm.gov.au OR Click here

*     Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan supports White Ribbon Night Event to Raise Vital Funds and help Stop Men's Violence Against Women



Help Stop Men's Violence against Women


White Ribbon Organisation organises ‘White Ribbon Night’ event to get the word out about the seriousness of the issue of men’s violence against women in Australia. In Australia, at least one woman is killed every week by a former of current partner. And one in four young Australians has witnessed violence against their mothers.

Date: Friday, 26 July 2013

Contact for More Info: White Ribbon Australia, Ph 02 9045 8444;  

Email: admin@whiteribbon.org.au, Website: www.whiteribbon.org.au/night

*     Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan supports launch of ‘Satyagraha  – Democracy under Fire’, movie Event to Highlight the Value and Responsibility  of Every Citizen in the Fight for Truth, Justice and Human Rights


Highlight the Value and Responsibility of Every Citizen in the Fight for Truth, Justice and Human Rights



 ‘Satyagraha’, the movie looks at Democracy through a 2013 lens, forces us to contemplate our ‘Truth Force’, our commitment to Gandhian values of truth, of justice and of non-violence; to take note of happenings around us and realise the value of democracy – not just for ourselves but for those whose lives depend on our efforts and commitment; to seize the opportunities to make a difference. 

Venue & Date: Hoyts Blacktown,  17 Aug, 2013, 5.45pm

Contact for More Info: Kylee Davis, GHARA Trust, Prospect 2148, Ph: 0410657 896

Email: ghara.trust@gmail.comhelp@ghara.org Website: www.ghara.org OR Click here


*     Essay Competition 2013 Open

Topics; on Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi Today Essay topics:

1. Social Responsibility OR, 2. World Peace OR, 3. Environment OR 4. Non Violence in Action. 

       For More Info Contact: pr@bhavanaustralia.org or Click:  www.bhavanaustralia.org/




Text Box: Kumar and Suba Mahadean


(The seventh Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas)

bullet 1 Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan supports Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (Overseas Indian Day) Convention in Sydney

Contact for More Info: Trade Promotion Officer, Consulate General of India Sydney, Ph:+61-2-9223-2702Email: trade@indianconsulatesydney.org, Website:www.indianconsulatesydney.org  


bullet 1 
Yoga Tips:

Kapal Bhati

For cleansing the upper parts of the body, besides danta dhauti, jihwa shodhan, Jalaneti, there are other kriyas which are very useful. To clean the sinuses the yogi had Other means. Jalaneti cleanses the passages but not cavities of the sinuses. These sometimes become filled with mucus and water and this in turn causes cold, headache, giddiness etc.

This need of cleansing is filled by Kapala Bhati. It is effective not merely regarding sinuses but all the parts of the nose, ear and head. Hence the name kapal—skull, and Bha-light means purification of skull parts. Forceful breathing supplies air even to smallest parts.


Some have prescribed doing it standing and some while sitting. The Yoga Institute prefers doing it while standing.

   1.       Stand comfortably in talasana pose.

   2.       Control lower parts of the body.

   3.       Concentrate on the upper part of the body.

   4.        Start breathing by both the nostril simultaneously.

   5.       Without taking in a deep breath exhale.

   6.       Inhalation and exhalation should be even and at the same speed and without a pause.

   7.       Both should be fast.

   8.       There should not be movement of chest white breathing.

   9.       There should not be any tension on the face nor any stretching or comfortious.

 10.       In the beginning it should be 30 rounds of 15 seconds. But it can be increased at a faster pace.

 11.       If sometimes mucus comes out do not mind it and do not stop the breathing. Let all dirt come out.

 12.       Use of handkerchief to clean the mucus is permitted.

 13.       Fast breathing is likely to cause giddinesss; in that case close the eyes and do long breathing to remove giddiness.

 14.       There should be uniform breathing.


   1.       Cleansing the breathing, passages.

   2.       Nostrils become clean and soft.

   3.       Helps removing headache and giddiness.

   4.       Face gets a shine and charm.

   5.       Blood rushes to the upper part.


Reference:  Yoga for Students by Yogacharya Hansraj Yadav, Bhavan’s Book University




bullet 1 Mahatma Gandhi Says:

It is unwise to be too sure one’s own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.  



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