Vol. 6.2, 6 August 2013



*     Five inaugural Australian Arts in Asia Awards go to India

The Australian Arts in Asia Awards

Australian artists working in India have taken out five of the inaugural Australian Arts in Asia Awards announced by Arts Minister Tony Burke in Sydney. Minister Burke presented awards to four artists and art organisations working in India. The four won a total five of the 14 awards—one organisation winning in two categories. Winners include an arts installation in a museum, a writers’ festival, a dance performance and a puppet project.

Contact for More Info: Joanna Vaughan 0417 354 185; Andrew Bourke 0400 117 570 Website:http://arts.gov.au/asiaawards OR Click here

*     Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan supports Indian Embrace, A Play by Nautanki Theatre

Indian Embrace

Nautanki Theatre presents a play Indian EmbraceA heart-warming gem that reflects on a tragedy from long ago. Written by Carol Dance and directed by Lenore Robertson Indian Embrace is a powerful, taut, heart-filled - and finally uplifting - cross-cultural tale starring Ambika Asthana, Neel Banerjee, Shashidhar Dandekar, James Herrington, Steven Menteith, Lucy Rasheed and a troupe of Indian musicians.

Date and Time: 21 – 24 August 2013, 8 pm; 25 August 2013, 3 pm

Venue: Riverside Theatres, Cnr Church & Market Sts, Parramatta

Contact for More Info: Riverside Theatres Box Office, 02 8839 3399, Neel Banerjee, Nautanki Theatre, Ph. +61 411 298 436,  Email:info@nautanki.org.au Website: http://riversideparramatta.com.au/show/indian-embrace OR Click here

*     Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan supports India Australia Friendship Fair by United Indian Associations Inc.

India Australia Friendship Fair

United Indian Associations Inc. presents India Australia Friendship Fair.   The Annual Fair attracts Indo-Australian community and is attended by many State and Federal ministers from both sides of the politics. The Fair showcases the vibrant cultural heritage, cuisine & diversity of India in which all the communities are represented & encouraged to exhibit their cultural talents, food, colourful Indian dress, tourism interests and many other business opportunities promoting bilateral trade between the two countries.

Date and Time: Sunday  25 August 2013, 10 am – 7 pm

Venue: Athletic Centre, Edwin Flack Ave, Sydney Olympic Park.

Contact for More Info: John Niven, President United Indian Association Inc. Email:niven.john@yahoo.com.au Website:  http://www.uia.org.au OR Click here


*     Essay Competition 2013 Open

Topics; on Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi Today Essay topics:

1. Social Responsibility OR, 2. World Peace OR, 3. Environment OR 4. Non Violence in Action. 

       For More Info Contact: pr@bhavanaustralia.org or Click:  www.bhavanaustralia.org/

(The seventh Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas)


*     Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan supports Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (Overseas Indian Day) Convention in Sydney

Contact for More Info: Trade Promotion Officer, Consulate General of India Sydney, Ph: +61-2-9223-2702Email: trade@indianconsulatesydney.org,

Website: www.indianconsulatesydney.org  

bullet 1 
Yoga Tips:


Chandra Dhyan

This is like the Surya dhyan. In the night when the moon is very clear and bright without any clouds obstructing its light, this is done.


   1.       Hold the face towards the moon.

   2.       Keep gazing at the moon.

   3.       Look at the moon constantly without closing the eyes.

   4.       When the eyes are tired close them and cover with the palms.

   5.       This can be repeated for some time.

   6.       When the moon is not visible the same method should be applied on the stars.

Vama and Dakshina Yatru Dhyana


   1.       Sit in Sukhasana or Vajrasana or padmasana.

   2.       Keep the body erect.

   3.       Head should be held straight and steady.

   4.       Neck and spine should be strictly straight.

   5.       Keep the chest forward and abdomen under control. Breathing is normal.

   6.       Hold the thumb in front of you at some distance from the eyes, but close the fingers.

   7.       Fix the eyes on the tip of the nail of the thumb.

   8.       Slowly move your hands towards the opposite shoulder.