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Vol. 7.2, 23 October 2014






Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan wishes everyone a very HappyDiwali

(The Festival of Lights)

Glowing with peace and prosperity for the year ahead



We congratulate all those Organisations and Individuals who celebrate Diwali in Australia



Sydney Opera House and NSW Parliament House Light Up for Deepavali


Hon Victor Dominello MP, Minister for Citizenship and Communities, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Assistant Minister for Education on behalf of the NSW Government, extending his very best wishes to everyone celebrating Deepavali says:

Deepavali (Diwali), or the Festival of Lights, represents thousands of years of Hindu tradition and is celebrated by Indian communities across the world to coincide with autumn in the northern hemisphere. The festival is a firm fixture on our State’s annual calendar of multicultural community events. It offers an opportunity for all Australians to learn more about the diverse cultures and customs of the Indian diaspora.

The NSW Government is proud to once again embrace this celebration. With the strong support of Premier Mike Baird we were able to light up the sails of Opera House with a golden hue to mark the occasion for the first time on 21 October. Macquarie Street will also be colourfully lit-up on 5 November to coincide with the Premier’s Deepavali reception.

NSW is proudly home to 100,000 Indian-born residents and an additional 130,000 residents with Indian heritage. They form a vibrant segment of our community, which has made an enduring contribution to the development of our harmonious multicultural society. Deepavali, which embodies all the passion, colour and light of the Indian sub-continent, symbolises a time of new beginnings. It promotes a simple message of peace, social harmony and unity in diversity.

Each year, family and community celebrations focus on the lighting of lamps, which represents the lifting of spiritual darkness and the renewal of life. The ongoing success of celebrations like Deepavali reminds us all of the social and economic value of our cultural and linguistic diversity.

We should all be proud of the dynamic and harmonious multicultural society we enjoy in NSW and I thank everyone involved in this year’s Deepavali festival for their contribution.

For More Info Contact:  Matt Dawson, Media Adviser, Office of the Hon. Victor Dominello MP,

M: 0427 145 575, Tel:  (02) 8574 6600, Parliament:  (02) 9230 3312,

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*     Essay Competition 2014 Open

Topics; on Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi Today Essay topics:

1. Social Responsibility OR, 2. World Peace OR, 3. Environment OR 4. Non-Violence in Action OR, 5. Human Rights

Entries close on 15 June 2014.  Prizes will be presented on 2 October 2014 or thereabout.

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bullet 1 Yoga Tips:

Benefits of Asana

Physical education rightly applied contributes enormously to the perfect harmony and efficiency of nutrition of the body and elimination of its waste contents. The flow of blood throughout the body and especially through the lungs during exercise permits more oxygen to be taken into the blood and more carbon dioxide to be excreted. Both these biological circumstances are definitely favourable to the general health, rhythm and activity of the body.

What Yoga regards as of greater significance is the effect of physical training on the nervous system. In Yoga, the physical body merely serves as an instrument of education for the mind, and the nervous system, therefore, assumes paramount importance. The exercises for anterior contraction and posterior stretching, and the lateral twists of the spine, offer the best means for maximum stretching and relaxing of the opposing pairs of muscles and also for the natural adjustment of the vertebrae. These exercises help in enlarging the vertebral foramina which relieves the pressure on the spinal nerves and aids circulation.

They also maintain a balance and give tone to the three inter-related nervous systems, stimulate regeneration of Nissl’s granules and promote osmosis through the medium of the plasma. The capillaries and the end-organs can thus sustain their normal tone. All the Yoga exercises and processes characteristically aim at control, purification and co-ordination of the nervous system rather than at muscular display and strength. As such, Yoga urges towards poise and control of the body and the mind through non-violent and non-fatiguing methods of physical education..

Reference:  Cyclopaedia Yoga Vol I by Dr Jayadeva Yogendra, The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, India 



bullet 1 Mahatma Gandhi Says:

Is it not enough to know the evil to shun it? If not, we should be sincere enough to admit that we love evil too well to give it up.

Non-Violence in Peace and War, 1942



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